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Bitcoin Infos is the world’s only multi-asset online/electronic trading knowledge hub. Using a powerful triangle of news, research and events, Bitcoin Infos literally caters to the needs of the entire global trading industry. This website is intended to deliver news related to the Bitcoin network. We do not control or represent Bitcoin in any way.

Founded in 2017  and initially focused on the Fintech sphere, Bitcoinsinfos.com offers a one-of-a-kind knowledge opportunity for industry professionals and trading savvies alike. Bitcoinsinfos.com operates from several locations globally including Hawaii, Vancouver, San Diego, Florida, St Kitts, Stockholm, Sofia, Budapest, Tel Aviv, Kuala Lumpur, Shenzhen, Tokyo, Tasmania and the UK. We’ve also got contributing writers and co-workers spread out all over the globe.

You can contact us sending an email to contact@bitcoinsinfos.com