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While digitalization brought us to an era where internet presence is as much as important as the physical presence itself, the marketing sector is continuously fighting to understand how to attract this new category of customers who won’t “bait” so easy.

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A MobileBridge effort, called Momentum, is the result of the international marketing company behind the homonymous mobile app, trying to adapt to the blockchain era.

Momentum uses a reward system that is personalized for each customer using AI technology. For example, one of Momentum’s clients, Burger King, attracts old customers who haven’t visited for some time but expressed their hunger during previous visits. They do this by sending them messages with daily deals or bonuses if they visit the store within the day.

The company has already a well-established network of clients who use MobileBridge’s app to understand better their respective clients’ behavior and needs, as well as the ability to track their location, creating personalized offers that last for as long as the user is present within the area.

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What’s really interesting about this innovative approach to marketing methodology is that Momentum will allow its users to create their own personalized token and reward systems tailored to the needs of the company and industrial sector.

Customers will be rewarded with the respective cryptocurrency or token issued and distributed by each company, for sharing their experiences with Momentum and/or the company’s services and products, for sharing a picture of their new bag with their friends on social media, or for referring other friends.

Momentum already has active partnerships with Pirelli, Bilka, Plus, BurgerKing, Galbani, Praxis, and Volkswagen to name a few, and has established customer databases over the last years with each of them.

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The MobileBridge Momentum Token (MMTM) is an ERC-20 Ethereum-based utility token with four main uses:

  • It is used to reward customers for their attention, business and data insights.
  • The Momentum token will also work as a gateway token since customers could exchange their sub-label tokens within the Momentum network for Momentum tokens and therefore for Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies.
  • Companies who use the MobileBridge Momentum Platform will have to pay for it in Momentum tokens.
  • The token can be exchanged between two parties as a normal P2P token would, giving the option to use it as an alternative cryptocurrency.

The total token supply is set to 1 billion MMTM, while half of these (500 million) used during the initial token sale. The soft cap is set to $2.5 million, the target at $25 million and the hard cap at $42 million. The token price per unit is set to start at 0.10 cents of a euro.

The backed-up 50% will be reserved for advisers and the MobileBridge team, the bounty program and a 33% to the MobileBridge strategic capital reserve.


Kees De Vos (CEO), the former SVP Product Hybris, has 15 years of experience in global leadership, digital solutions and products for retail and digital commerce on a global scale. He has previously worked with Wal-Mart, Argos and Tesco.

Eyal Oster (President) is one of MobileBridge’s co-founders and he has more than 20 years of experience in leadership roles in both software and hardware companies and start-ups. An expert in mobile, digital marketing automation and customer loyalty.

Ariel Luedi (Chairman)is also a former member of Hybris, under the role of the CEO. He is one of Europe’s most successful technology leaders and investor in around 20 of the world’s most innovative technology start-ups, including MobileBridge.

The board of advisers includes Jonas Karlberg, Founder of Nordic Blockchain, and CEO at AmaZix, a leading community management firm that played a major role in the successful token sales of Bancor and other cryptocurrency projects.

Wouter Van Neerbos, former Global GM at Shell, has a 25 years of global commercial management experience built by Royal Dutch Shell, and he is also loyalty expert.

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The project seems to have a pretty balanced professional team with a focus towards community management and loyalty programs. Multi-year experience in international corporations allows them to support their role in this new industry.

While it is very hard to predict a modern digital customer’s behavior, it can be possible with good data analytics and a decent database filled with useful information, regarding a users needs, timing and retail preferences.

Reward programs have shown interesting growth in the banking sector and now international companies are on the clock with a revolutionary solution that benefits and attracts both the consumer and the company and vise versa.

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From an investor’s perspective, the following facts are important to consider when weighing MobileBridge’s Momentum token:

  • MobileBridge is a very successful company when it comes to marketing solutions but their client portfolio is filled with traditional physical asset retail companies. The will need an extremely innovative plan to attract possible customers with the help of data mining in this new world of tech geeks that won’t fall in the commercial traps that worked for the 90s generation. -1
  • After recent news surrounding Facebook, people will hardly trust their personal information to third-party applications if there is nothing there that benefits them somehow. -0.5
  • 1 billion MMTM tokens is not a small number when you’re thinking about “sharing” and it might take tens of billions of dollars before we see MMTM’s price per unit rising over a couple dollars. -2.5
  • Unlike traditional ICO’s that have an analogy in ETH, Momentum has a fixed price of 0,10 cents of Euro per unit, making it a quite expensive investment at this specific period. -1.5

Growth Opportunity

  • Momentum is already being used by several multi-national industrial companies to establish a more personalized relationship with their clients. Millions of users are already connected to the platform and will soon be interfering with the MMTM token. +3
  • Loyalty experts with a track record in this sector can develop a reward system based on blockchain that rewards a company’s users for being active and engaging with the respective company. +2.5
  • An individual legal entity could now create personalized offers and bonuses for customers that are most likely to enter the store based on their current location, resulting in a maximized efficient marketing strategy. +2
  • Loyal customers who make points interacting with their favorite retail or online shops can redeem their points into MMTM and therefore into any other cryptocurrency through Ethereum (ETH). +2.5


While data mining can be dangerous when used unethically, sophisticated AI systems could help generate transparent, clear and solid solutions based on each customer individually, serving him the best possible service and products according to his needs and digital footprints.

Momentum offers a lot of utilities and marketing expertise through their platform. It is therefore not the most convenient cryptocurrency if you’re focusing on payments or exchange markets since projects under Momentum’s wing are obliged to change through MMTM in order to end up as Ethereum or Bitcoin.

A score of 4.5 out of 10 is reserved for MobileBridge’s Momentum, based on present facts.

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Investment Details

  • Type: Crowdsale
  • Symbol: MMTM
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Price: 1 MMTM = 0.10 euro
  • Hard Cap: $42 million
  • Pre-Sale: Mar. 24, 2018
  • Public Sale: Apr. 26, 2018
  • Payments Accepted: ETH (KYC Required)

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