Uphold to support Ripple following $57.5M investment

Uphold, a digital currency wallet service, is now supporting Ripple. The decision comes only a few months after over $50 million was invested in Uphold by the leadership of XRP.

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Another reason of the new addition is the customer demand, as stressed by the representatives of Uphold the press already contacted. The vice chairman of the company predicts further Ripple expansion in the following year, which is very likely to be true: Ripple’s department of external communications or managers responsible for deals have already proven to be quite efficient.

The support announcement did not affect the price of Ripple, as it seems at 7:08 AM UTC: instead, the altcoin lost 4.86% in the last 24 hours. The market in general is currently struggling to stay on positions achieved during the autumn last year. Some analysts predict growth in the near future, some of them are ready to see even lesser values. Bitcoin, the locomotive of the whole market, has not managed to secure positions at $8000 and plunged to $7577 this night.

Bitcoin Exchange CEX.IO

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